Specializing in Installation of:

  • Broadloom Carpet
    Broadloom comes in a variety of styles, its widely installed for our multi residential apartment Buildings.
  • Carpet Tiles
    Carpet tiles have an amazing range of colours & patterns and is widely installed to give a modular modern look in any office environment.
  • Resilient Flooring
    Resilient floorings comes in a variety of ranges to rubber, sheet , wall sheet , safety vinyl used in different installations to achieve slip ratings, anti-static or a particular pattern.
  • Vinyl Tiles
    We mainly install vinyl tiles to supermarkets & shopping centres & alike.
  • Floating Floors
    Floating floors are on trend right now with a wide verity of ranges & colours installed to our multi residential apartment Buildings.
  • Floor Preparation
    This requires many levels of service to get your floor right for any installation which entails – floor levelling compound, ramping & grinding.
  • Moisture Barrier
    Moisture or Relative Humidity (RH )is our industry biggest concern right now with Stahmers leading the way with a range of Moisture barriers available or Suppliers coming to terms and new products combatting the need for a moisture barrier.